David and Gladys Wright House

Cindy and I got to explore the David and Gladys Wright House in Scottsdale, Arizona. The visuals of the home are amazing, if not impractical.

Frank Lloyd Wright elevated the home off the ground so that the desert air could circulate under the house and keep it cool, aiding the air conditioning. No mention was made if that strategy worked, though judging by all the homes built in the Arizona area firmly planted in the dirt, it doesn’t seem to be a widespread strategy.

The tour guide did make clear the brick warms up in the summer and radiates heat throughout the house and overall the home is very energy inefficient.

Cindy and I marveled at how similar the guest house was in size and shape to our own attached studio.

And we noticed smaller similarities to our own home (like windows joined together on corners, without seams). Of course like most Frank Lloyd Wright homes the kitchen was tiny.